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Finding Focus, Defining Passion, Averting Risk

What is my direction?
I'm pulled so many ways?
Is that bad?
Or does that tension
Make me bigger?
I don't which is better
For my soul I am challenged by "focus". When focused, other things must be ignored. Such a painful thing, to give up on interests. Yet I see that by diluting my focus, passions get sacrificed. I've searched for passion, just not very well. I'm pulled this way and that. Unsure which way is true. I've spent so much time eliminating risk that I've never truly considered passion, and how that can fit into career. I still have plenty of work to do.
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Motivational Thing: February 19, 2018

Here's a little motivational thing:

Flickr and the changing Internet

A friend of mine let me know she's still pretty active on Flickr, so I zipped over there to see what's been happening. Now, I've posted to my page fairly recently, but I haven't been so good about reading other folks' stuff. As I started surfing through my followers, I was amazed at how many of them had gone missing. Some not having posted in years.

As I was going through, I started unfollowing those who hadn't posted for more than 3 years. Yes, three years! Seems like a good time to clean house, I guess.

It does make me question the viability of Flickr. Yahoo!'s issues over the past few years have, long ago, made me wonder if they would keep the platform going. And Yahoo!'s fate's not getting any clearer. But, it's still here, and there are still photographers posting merrily along. So, as long as it's not gone total ghost-town, I plan to keep on posting there.

I do post nearly daily to Instagram, mostly with haiku. Then I post some to Face…

The respect of 'why', or Obedient Serfs Don't Innovate

A mediation on today's post by Seth Godin: "The respect of 'why'".

Questionsall was my first Twitter handle, and is the title of my poetry blog, and my very first site here on Blogger.  I deeply value questioning, on probing. In not accepting things at face value.

I believe the path to a great life comes through questions.
What do I want to do with my life?What feeds my soul?What makes my heart soar?What steals my energy? My passion? My joy?  Hence, wise leaders accept the value of questioning. Everyone on the team needs to value the mission, share the dream and the goals. Then, and only then, will you have a team of innovators. 
Obedient serfs don't innovate!

A Sunday Evening Meditation

Life moves at this blur  Days blend together quickly  Cherish these moments