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Weeds vs Wildflowers

my mind wondering
why are dandelions weeds
not wildflowers?
As a boy, I loved dandelions. As an adult, I wonder why they’re so maligned. What do you think?Created this image with Adobe Spark and a stock photo.
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Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels
surrounded by fears
kindness keeps our souls aloft
as the petals fall

First Day of Autumn

holding back the dawn grey skies resisting sunlightgrace of rain-soaked leaves
It's a classic Seattle autumn morning. One that I delight in. I hope your autumn is off to a good start.

Elation: A Haiku

sunlight climbs mountainselation and jubilee a new day is born
There is a blog that posts a Word of the Day Challenge. Today's word is "elation". The above its my contribution.

Rain's Grace: A Haiku

rain's grace
clouds hiding the sun's face
beloved fresh air

Seattle is getting our well-needed rain right now. The air feels so much better, breathing so much easier. Tis a good day, my friends!

Jays Shrieking Early Morning

jays shriek their protests
an uncaring hawk nearby
this hazy morning

The Scent Of Old Books, A Haiku

scent of old books
espresso machine’s song
hints of jazz piano

 Thinking of Beat poets while listening to jazz this hazy, smokey Seattle morning.