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Check out these new tracks

My friend, Steve, AKA Scalar Theorem, just dropped some new tracks. Check his work out on Soundcloud!

I love the feel of his electronic music, a genre I've loved since the 1980s, when I discovered Jean-Michel Jarre.

Recent posts

The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance

Featuring a beat boxing can you go wrong? It's weird and trippy....just perfect, methinks! At least for the Chemical Brothers.

Check out this video - Cymatics: Science vs Music

I love how they used video to really enhance the unique qualities of this music, and the underlying physics.

Blogging, Strategy and the Need For Focus

​I love to write. I love blogging. Yet there are challenges. Distributing my focus lowers my effectiveness. That troubles me. And yet, though each site has meaning to me. But each site has costs, economic and otherwise. Every time I focus on one, I can’t focus on another.

I haven’t had an objective, much less a strategy on any of my sites. I love to write poetry, about Seattle, about sustainability, geek culture, about so very much. Each site has value to me. I hate the idea of neglecting one at the expense of another. Yet I also hate writing substandard stuff. I prefer to be proud of what I put on the internet.

This time in history has so many choices; a blizzard of potentials and possibilities. And I hate letting go of those potentials. Any of them. Yet I know that must be done to achieve ANY of them. How does one choose which baby to let die?

Perhaps overly dramatic, but it captured the sentiment I’ve been struggling with.

Seattle's Summer's Starting, And I'm Not Sure I'm a Fan

Being the Seattleite, I have a natural dislike for heat. Pushing 90 is well past the zone of comfort. And, even with the abrupt temperature drop of evening, I find it hard to sleep, even in the low 80s. So I'm looking forward to today, with a not quite 10 degree drop, and Thursday/Friday where we drop back into the 70s.

Your Monday Motivational Quote Of The Day

"All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them."
~Walt Disney

Finding and keeping this kind of courage is challenging at best. So much in life seeks to suck that out, to bring us down and drain our dreams into dust. Pursuing our dreams is often more work than surviving, but it's far more rewarding, giving life and energy. 
May you find and nurture that inspires and invigorates you.