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January 9, 2021

  frost upon the grass breadcrumbs for the Steller’s Jays dawn’s tranquility 
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An Afternoon Haiku

sunlight on display shining through autumnal leaves crows announce my steps

Monday Morning

  Morning arrives Sunlight ascending  Through autumn mists

An Autumn Haiku

  autumnal daylight crisp, cool air awakens me I reach for my tea I woke to a lovely autumn morning. The rain holding off until a convenient time opens up possibilities. Yet, I expect to spend most of the day in front of a computer.

An October Flower

This October morn Floral echos of summer Life's tenacity

Weeds vs Wildflowers

  my mind wondering why are dandelions weeds not wildflowers? As a boy, I loved dandelions. As an adult, I wonder why they’re so maligned. What do you think? Created this image with Adobe Spark and a stock photo.


Photo by  Vie Studio  from  Pexels surrounded by fears kindness keeps our souls aloft as the petals fall