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GoogleDocs Emails

I'm seeing a flurry of emails from friend's accounts with this subject line and the text below:
"Good day,  I just created a secured shared document using Google Doc. To access this doc please Click here and for security reasons, you have to log on with your email to view it, its very important"As I've received at least three with exact same message, I'm confident they're exploits from hacked accounts. They're coming from good friends, but also have dozens of emails in the "to:" line. Anyway, I advise everyone to avoid clicking on such.

Stranger Elements of Thanksgiving

As an antidote for the sentimentality of the next few days, I offer you these images.

Bon appetite!

This is mildly disturbing. A kiss before the slaughter? I guess that's biblical...

I expect this really is Sebastian the Crab from Little Mermaid, but I still love it:

My personal favorite so far:

Though this comes in close second:

And I'll leave you with this artistic joy:

Hee Haw

I just met someone who's never, ever, experienced Hee Haw, that iconic country TV show. Now, this isn't someone who was raised in a Soviet gulag, or is under 21. I find such a situation a stunning breech of American culture.

So, without further ado, below you'll find what I feel to represent the core of Hee Haw's je ne sais quoi. So, enjoy your cultural lesson du jour, mes amis.

Some thoughts on platforms and stuff

Had an interesting chat with some Twitter chums about whether I should port my iPhone number to Google Voice. The responses got me thinking about dependence upon one company or platform. Having all one's proverbial eggs in one basket opens up serious risk should a) the company go under, b) reconfigure their offerings or, c) simply decide on a focus change. Any of those scenarios open you up to data loss, productivity gains, and other delights. Oddly, through my love of things techy, I find myself well diversified. Should, say Google, decide to ax a key component, I can easily shift over to MSFT or Yahoo or Apple or... Puts me on a safe place. I think I'll stay that way, thank you.