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Utilizing Social Media

I've seen a large array of "build your business with social media" ideas. All based on the great canard of getting rich quick and easy. They're all lies. 
Business can be grown and developed with social media. Not, however, by hopping from one bright shiny to the next. It's continuous engagement, consistent updating and regular use that makes the long-term win.

PayPal+Customer Service+PR=Longevity

I posted this on my other blog a few weeks back, then thought it would be more relevant over here. So, without further adieu...

Reading this at Venture Beat just annoyed the crap out of me: GlassUp raised $100K on Indiegogo — but PayPal is refusing to pay up. This isn’t the first time PayPal has dealt with similar issues, even to the point where their president publicly intervened in a resolution. This troubles me regarding PayPal’s future.

 These rules need to significant repair if PayPal wants to remain relevant in this space. StartUps, heck, any business CANNOT operate with random and inconsistent access to funds. I think PayPal’s growth as a purchase transaction processor might be the root of these aggravations. At a brief glance, I see vigorous efforts to protect buyers from fraud. Noble, but hampering these transactions that vary from that model. Policies need to evolve with market changes. Especially market shifts that reflect your company’s goals and objectives.

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Typeset and Font Alignment Thing Of Hatred

Am I the only one who hates justified text? I find the cleanliness of the aligned ends to be more than offset by the weird spacing. I'm sure it can be made to work with forethought and focus. That brings back memories of fiddling with typeset, adding up all the characters and spaces, figuring out how to word the thing in order to best utilize the space.

Anyway, just being a little snarky in response to an e-flyer I received today. Perhaps just being a bit too cranky and perfectionist. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee.

#Facebook Business Page Fun - Anybody Else Dealt With This?

I've come up against a unique problem. One of the other admins for a business page I manage is unable to invite her friends to "like" it. When she clicks on "invite friends", her whole list is grayed out. One of the challenges I'm facing with diagnosing the problem is that we're ~30 miles apart, so I'm relying on voice to communicate the visual issues. I've found a few others with this issue, but no conclusive answer.

My basic research shows that the main culprit for these issues is that they've already been invited (like this page mentions).  However, in this instance, there are people who haven't been invited that are appearing grayed out. These appear to be unrelated issues.

A few additional details: 1) my view is fine. I can invite everyone in my network except those who have been invited. In other words, the way it's supposed to look. 2) We have verified that she is logged in as herself, not as the business page.

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Great #Tech Events In #Seattle

I'm a bit sad that I was unable to cram this year's GeekWire Summit into my overdone calendar. That is in no way meant to devalue the event. Using Franklin-Covey parlance, I couldn't move some Quadrant I items to fit this Quadrant II.

Seattle has a great tech community, and many ways for connection within. The next one that I'm aware of is the September Seattle Tech Meetup on September 17. This is one that I should be able to make.

And then there's the Seattle Interactive Conference. This is a grand one, and one that my current budget just can't absorb. However, I hear great things and would recommend attending based on them.

I'm sure I'm missing good ones. Let me know if you have suggestions that I should add. Heck, maybe I'll start a more definitive list.

Voicemail Frustrations

Someone just left me a voicemail, but either mumbled or the phone gods attacked and the number they left was indecipherable (no caller id on the thing, either). Pro-tip, folks: state your number 2x. Speak slowly, clearly; there are no points for finishing first.

Hopefully the chap will get tired of waiting and call me back. Sigh...

Always A Killer

Just read another article about how some new device will be a "device x" killer. Over the years, the tech press has lauded PC killers, Office killers, Windows, and the ever present iPhone killers. Seems the underlying premise is that success requires the existing giant to fail. Seems that there's never considered the ability to coexist, to develop a new space. Zero sum games, not adding value or creating something new.