Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Passion

This evening was spent 
With dearest friends that I love 
Training: my passion 

This Evening's Haiku


 Evening passes by 
Night's seduction soothes my heart 
 Dreams awakening

Monday, June 19, 2017

Learn About An Indian-American Couple Who Adopted White Children

This article, over at Huffington Post, provides a different look at race in America.

We’re Indian-American With Adopted White Children And Here’s What People Ask Us

A lovely, gentle piece exploring a mother's love for her children, both from birth and from adoption. I particularly enjoy the voice she adopted.

Some great lines in there. My favorite: "The hyphen will define us more than the terms themselves...", which tells a big part of the story about race in the United States right now.

I doubt Ms. Iyer thought much about the social experiment she would be opening up. I expect, simply, that she and her husband followed their hearts and opened their homes.

She opened my mind with her writing. I hope the same for you.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Power Of The Simple “Thank You”

I pride myself on thanking people. I see this as basic. Time and time again, though, I hear how rarely it happens.
Really, one of the most basic elements of community building: acknowledging each other. An element of “namaste”, of seeing each other at a deep level, of valuing each other. Appreciating everyone’s unique gifts and contributions.
So often, in the comms world, we focus on solving some problem. Once the solution gets executed, off to the next thing. All the work teams put into the resolution vanishes into vapor.
Perhaps the easiest action to take, and one that reaps rewards in terms of connection, yet so often forgotten.
Want to stand out as a communicator? Well, remember the “thanks”.
Thanks for reading!

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Friday, June 09, 2017

The Tenors - Who Wants To Live Forever ft. Lindsey Stirling

I loved this song by Queen, as part of the original Highlander movie. Add The Tenors with Lindsey Stirling and we get brilliance.

The intro gives a Phantom of the Opera dramatic vibe, and the 18th century styling delight me deeply.

So, happy Friday and enjoy this musical treat.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Check out my poetry focused site

My first writing love has been poetry. So I created as a place to host it and explore poetry deeper. I try to post at least daily, and have been pretty successful at that.

For years I adored haiku. That's been a recent focus, perhaps obsession, with me. Finding expression within the confines of such a small form challenges me. Rising and meeting challenges delights me.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Tuesday Morning

Awake and moving
Facing this day's morning light
Drawing energy from coffee

Sunday, June 04, 2017


Words are reflections, capturing the light
reflecting off our lives.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Martial arts thought

Thought:  are martial arts a physical manifestation of zen?

Exploring Gary Snyder's Connection To Seattle

Perhaps you’re familiar with Gary Snyder. Most famous for his affiliation with Beat poets like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, he work is really it’s own beast. One of my favorite writers, I read his work quite regularly. He’s quite influential on me.
I find the way he combines such things as zen, Chinese literature and nature poetry with geomorphology and geology simply fascinating. And his eye keeps looking at the west coast, with him spending a great deal of time in the Pacific Northwest.
His seminal work, Mountains and Rivers Without End covers a great deal of ground topic-wise. There are several poems with Pacific Northwest themes, but one strikes me most: “Night Highway 99“. (The link will take you to the Google Books edition of book.)
I remember when I first really read the title. “Really” meaning “attentive, aware, awake (in a zen-sort-of-way). The connection was instant. Growing up in Lynnwood just a few blocks from Highway 99, it’s very easy to envision the places he writes about. Also, with my journeys around the region, most of the towns he mentions I know. At least driving by, and many of them have memories of my footsteps upon the ground.
Definitely give Mr. Snyder a read. The rewards; magnificent!
Seattle's Aurora Bridge at night
Seattle’s Aurora Bridge at night

Friday, June 02, 2017

Reflecting on "Career"

My career has been rather unique. At least when compared to so many of my friends.

It's been terribly linear. I've orbited around administrative/secretarial/office manager stuff. Orbited, and sometimes even held those titles.

But it's not been a deliberate effort.

Mostly, my employment has centered around taking advantage of opportunities. I generally consider the growth and development opportunities, long-term viability, and all that sort of stuff. Ironically, once I tend to be in a role, I generally settle in. Not sure that's the best way to live, but that's what tends to happen.

The universe rarely lets that happen.

My main element of deliberation: family. That's what's been important to me. Now, both at Starbucks and at Microsoft, I didn't see how deeply that was. When I left Microsoft and decided I wanted to focus on eliminating my commute. I concentrated on Snohomish County, and was interviewing with Boeing before I was hired with C&K Real Estate as their office manager.

My son has called for me when he's really hurt, or upset, for his whole life. I'm the nurturer in the family. I adore this part of my life and glad it manifested this way.

Yet that's not average...not for a guy.

FYI, I'm good with, I'm great with that. Though I'm starting to consider what I'll do with my life when my son doesn't need me as much, or for so much.

It'll be fascinating to see what comes of all this. It's hard to map it out...ok,actually, impossible to map out. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just now getting that, and embracing it.

Now, that's a good thing.

Check my other writings on Career here. 

On Making America Great Again, Trolls, Invective and Progress

A few thoughts:
  1. Regardless of how one feels about President Trump, Democrats or Republicans, flailing about invectives isn't going to get us anywhere. I know of no one who's change their stance on any issue because some troll called them "idiot" or "snowflake" or "nazi".
  2. It's quite interesting to me the role that the internet has played in degenerating the stuff talked about in point 1.
  3. On "Making America Great AGAIN": that's one that I've thought quite a bit about recently. Simply, the MAGA folks seem to look backwards to when "America WAS Great". Progressives look forward to Making America Great FINALLY. Seeing potential, the strengths of diverse communities, economies and cultures. But the distinction between the two mind-sets hit me hard recently.
  4. Somehow, we need to find a way to embrace dignity in our public discourse. However, I'm totally at a loss about implementing that.
There's more to talk about considering holding to a long-view. However, that will need to wait. Another post, perhaps.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Check out my niece's sustainable business proposal contest entry

So, hey, I'm biased. However, bias aside, I think this is a great proposal.

The judges do, too, as she's a finalist.

Please give her a listen, and, if you're so inclined, a vote!

Save The World One Purchase At A Time: by JoHanna F.


This dance of starlight
Standing still at intense speed
Such is the way of Zen

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Investment? A Haiku

The future? Murky.
I stare into the unknown
A strange investment

Domain Thoughts

I'm thinking of changing the domain of this site.

At one point, my domain pointed to this page (which I ported to a WordPress site).

I'm trying to decide whether to just bring that back to this site, or whether I should point a different domain here.

I own one, that might be a nice fit.

I am trying to streamline my life. Does having a bunch of domains over-complicate things?

What do you think?

Some Thoughts About Everett

Last week, I spent a little time walking right along Colby. I was struck by the large number of vacant store front spaces. Which surprises me, since retail space in the region is in high-demand. I guess we can see the upper bound of that.

Perhaps Everett is considered too far from Seattle. I find that interesting as it's only 35 miles, 44 miles to Seatac airport.

There's a great arts community up here, with the Everett Philharmonic, the Village Theatre and the Schack Arts Center, just to name a few.

Plenty of businesses occupy the larger buildings, banks, escrow companies, the offices for Snohomish County, and, of course, the City of Everett's offices.

The city has an amazing amount of potential. I hope that the business community realizes it and helps Everett grow...and grow the right way.

Maybe that can Everett's call to glory: smart and compassionate growth! Just a thought.

As We Move Into June

Half this year...
We're moving into the middle of the year.
Striking to me.
I know it's a trope
But time seems to pass by
....Far faster
.......Than before

With that, I'm thinking of returning to Blogger, at least for a while. Recapturing my roots, I guess. As well as simplifying things. My life became overfull, with so very much slipping. Quality; so very important to me, failing. Quality and Mr. Pirsig, my main take away from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Blogger's not as clean as WordPress. There's more work to getting the site just right. I'm curious to see if I can be satisfied.

We shall see!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Eddie Money - I Wanna Go Back

Perhaps it's the planning for my son to start high-school, perhaps it's just hitting the 50s, actually add this to all the other changes going on in my life right now and this song has been speaking to me.

It's been one of my favorite 80s tunes since it hit the airwaves way-the-heck-back-in-the-day.  Yet it's meaning has evolved. I guess that should be a "no duh", but, there you go.

Friday, March 03, 2017

In The Middle Of The Night

These moments
My awakened fears
Facing them
Calms me  
And I 
To slumber