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Evening thoughts

I'm adrift within my psyche's abyss. Mists of my deceptions weave amongst the stone, dreams and the real intertwined. As moss, or lichen grows upon stone and tree, my life lays upon my core, becoming one, indistinguisable.
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Political Thought

Oine thing I've become weary of hearing are voters concerned about someone's "electibility". This is a rather strange discounting of their opinions. "I like this person's ideas, but will vote for someone else because nobody will vote for what I value." Sad, really.
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This is just wrong...simply wrong....

Reindeer pate is odd enough, but read the label.


Today was surprising in its warmth and clarity. Filled with bright light, more akin to late summer than the middle of autumn. Almost none of my day was spent in this delight, though I did get a clear view from my office's windows. Perhaps the proverbial gilded cage. Oh, the delights of corporate life.
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Worst Traffic

From BizjournalsThe most telling thing to me with this photo story is how many people are in their own cars. Even in New York, more than ½ of the daily commuters drive in single occupancy vehicles. Interestingly, this piece on the best commutes in the country has even higher rates of SOV. At least 79% of the commuters in these cities drive their own cars to work (and, in most of them, the percentage is much higher). I wonder if parking presents any issues at all.

More Thoughts

My brain seems empty of late. I don't feel greatly inspired, no grand need to write. This is one of those times that I need to push, to drive, descend into the depths of my being. I know that I need to spend more time within my fears, trying to calm this realm forever. Face them down, yes, but also chase them to their roots, and then pull them up. Only then can I truly be free, and then I can see that deep desire, that which is based upon love, and nothing more.

Fear is what drives me to weariness, what grabs at those roots and plays demented songs. This is what I loath about my life right now, the unbidden fears that gurgle up like swamp gas and belch their stink into my day. I really don't need this. My fears are unrealistic and, dare I say, silly. They are out of balance. Fear is valuable, it provides guidance and works to keep us safe. When it is the primary driver, when reason, compassion and love are weakened, or, worse, obliterated, my life is worsened. Joy withers, dro…

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Clever little costume, anyone gonna grab it for Halloween? (No, this link isn't for a costume".

This is where I first found this. And here is the site with this, and many other photos like this. Sadly, I don't have the slightest idea what language this is in.

Update:It's Portugese.

Career Thoughts and Personal Observations

For many years I’d considered a career in IT as I have something of an aptitude and a modicum of interest. However, I soundly lack passion. Today on my train journey into Seattle and to work, I sat nearby a chap reading a book on Linux. He was an immersed and interested by this as I was by my current read, “Cry The Beloved Country”. Not the first time I have witnessed such, I still find this amazing. While I was in the Navy, I had colleagues would delight in reading arcane texts specializing in some opaque mathematically based concept. Though I have a reasonable grasp of the mathematical arts, I do not claim much joy. If I never studied another thing based upon math, I would be rather content.I understand that there are many levels and tiers to one’s career, and that one can pursue a work-path remarkably different from one’s passions. However, at this point at least, such is not my path. I would rather have my interests and passions before me, and driving my daily life, as opposed to …

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For those of you that like spiders.

Local News | No rental tax for Flexcar — for now | Seattle Times Newspaper

Local News | No rental tax for Flexcar — for now | Seattle Times Newspaper

The notion that Flexcar is in the rental car business is similar to saying a condominium is in the rental house business. People are all co-owners of the cars, and that is a critical difference. With Flexcars, they're timesharing, not renting. I'm surprised that this critical difference hasn't been pointed out yet.


Amazing gifts from my child. So much that I don't grasp, which only becomes clear before my son's eyes. Amazment with a butterfly or spider's web, or anguish from a block's inability to defy gravity. All speak to things buried deep within, lost to sunlight, yet still real, deeply real. Perhaps I can rebirth that, bring it forth into the daylight. Try and see the world simply, in all it's joy and pain. Perhaps what children offer most to the world is not their abilty to experience unbridaled joy, but their grasp of pain. This pain felt so deeply, unhidden by convention or stigma, at things WE can't allow tears for, though we still long to spill forth sobs. Perhaps it is this, and our ability to allow that grief which is the greatest gift.

Microsoft and Online Storage move by Microsoft is, to me, a clever and well timed one. Yes, it’s a bit lacking when you consider that one can’t edit the documents without Office, but excellent when you consider that they’re trying to expand, not cannibalize themselves. And, I do believe, that the ability to edit online, independent of having Office software on a particular computer, will be forthcoming. They’re staying relevant, but not jumping too hard on the cutting edge, which is a good way to bleed.