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School silliness

Earlier today I finished my work for my Photoshop class, then uploaded it all. Oddly, I feel unhappy. Well, at least displeased. You see, imperfections abound. This bothers me immeasurablly. I know the foolishness of such, but feel trapped. It will subside, though.

Another piece to this: I don't feel this way when I hand in an assignment, face-to-face, in classroom. This dynamic is unique to online, for me. More akin to remembering a test, finally figuring out how to do such-and-such problem. This awareness of imperfection is annoying.

This might be a key piece of education. Do the best you can, turn it in, then get on with the next project. This will be profoundly helpful. Dropping something when it's done lacks in my life. I need to put forth effort there.

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Saturday AM

While unemployed, time seemed to pass more gently. My return to work also brought a certain "return to franticness", which I do not enjoy as much. Of course, a significant piece to this is my return to classes. This semester I'm taking a digital art and design class, which focuses on Photoshop. As much as I don't need the time-suck, this is worth it. I've long wanted to get better, perhaps even become one of those Photoshop power geeks. Perhaps...

The additional fun, though of my son's "Super-Lion" status added to the demand. (His school mascot is "the Lions") However, the assembly was fun, and it pleases me that he best exemplifies "peace" amongst his classmates. That was followed by curriculum night, and most of that day was spoken for. Makes me quite glad I can work remotely.

Tagentally, I guess I'm one of odd iPhone users who hasn't raced over and downloded the mms update. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but I d…

Darth Vader's eHarmony application.

From the good folks at Geek Culture. A clever little thing, methinks. Haven't been to this site in a awile, but I need to change that.

Nine Eleven

I’m rather conflicted by the whole 9/11 thing. Yes, I grieve for those lost. And the violence of the act was mind-numbingly senseless and evil. Yet, I refuse to give in to the mindless cheerleading type patriotism, jingoistic nonsense that the right has adopted. Their rush to destroy everything associated, however remotely, with the terrorists is counter-productive at best. At worst, retorting evil with evil is, well, feeding a mad cycle of destruction. Giving those who hate us “for our freedoms” other reasons to hate is just crazy.

I mourn the deaths of so many innocents to mindless hate. The deaths of the people just living their lives combined with the 343 deaths of firefighters “doing their duty” saddens me. It speaks to the danger of non-rational religiosity. A dangerous mind set beyond the Middle-East, joining us here in the West.