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Night upon wings

Darkened streets, dreamlike

Motion. Blurred sight

Hidden aims.

Both nefarious and innocent.

Life hidden from sunlight.

The angry glare.

Today's Star Wars Items

Interesting that today brought me not one, but two Star Wars items.
I came across David Brin's collections of essays putting Star Wars...well, George Lucas...on trial.&nbsp Star Wars On Trial. I feel some weakening of my geek-cred since I've never even heard of this collection. My friends over at this piece about the upcoming Kinect Star Wars game. This will certainly be an affront to the Star Wars faithful. Perhaps if you liked Jar-Jar, you'll be ok with this. I'd never considered the controversy around Star Wars. Ok, I've heard the debates about the prequels, and then the whole Shatner incident. Maybe you have. Let me know. Otherwise, just another weird, drippy day here in the great Puget Sound basin.

My Views: The Latest Limbaugh Faux Pas

Years ago, I sat watching the tv, an early twenty-something sailor on leave in Oregon, sitting in the living-room of a shipmate's uncle. I'd lived some: spent some time in college before dropping out, studied music in college, managed a pizza place, went off to a vocational program on Oregon (I lived on the Oregon coast when I joined the Navy). Yet I was still quite naive in my world view. Through an odd series of fateful twists, I am now back in Oregon in this Portland suburb.

On the television was Rush. I'd never seen nor heard of him to that point. Mesmerized, I digested the whole show. It resonated, but not uncertain exactly why. I had long felt a core of anger, perhaps he captured that. I knew there were problems in the world. Limbaugh pointed fault at "them"; whether those dreadful welfare moms, criminals or other nefarious destroyers of our way of life. Perhaps it was easy to follow along, these weren't people I knew. Or at least realized I did. It…

Bumper Sticker - 2012

A little Photoshop fun this election season. 

Edmonds waterfront ii

Edmonds waterfront

The Critical Importance Of Web Presence For HOAs And The Like

After working in real estate for the past few months, several things became clear. In today's age, a small home owners or condo owners association must, MUST have a website. This should contain contact information and the scope of the org. Really, this is a basic yet powerful communication tool for your membership. A simple blog would do wonders.

I've heard many HOAs reps complain about banks not dues. Yet they make it nearly impossible to track them down. A basic website, around long enough for crawlers to grab key SEO terms, can get this accomplished.

Extend this out to small governmental and quasi-governmental orgs. I'm thinking mainly, right now, about small water associations. A simple website can make you, well, findable.

So, a little rant on a Saturday morning. Thanks for listening. Well, reading. Peace and well-being to you all.