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Seattlest: Dishin': How Now, Har Gow?

Seattlest: Dishin': How Now, Har Gow?

Jay Friedman laments the state of dim sum in Seattle. He should be thankful that he hasn't been banished to the suburbs! Someday I'll find decent Chinese up here. Most of the places are bland at the best, and over cooked and flavorless at the worst. Even potstickers, one of the easiest dishes on the repertoire, are often ruined. Fortunately, there's decent Thai to try.

The gloomy, noir charm of Battlestar Galactica. By Troy Patterson - Slate Magazine

The gloomy, noir charm of Battlestar Galactica. By Troy Patterson - Slate Magazine

Though I haven't watched much of this incarnation of Battlestar Gallactica, from what I have seen, I'm enthralled. Of course, I differentiate from this writer in that I was a serious fan of the 80's cult classic. I find the series very much in keeping with the trends in Sci-Fi that I grew up with and have been following for awhile now. It's darker, more "grown up", and exploring the scarier side of humanity. Anyone who started reading comics in the 70's and keep up with the storylines of, say, the X-men, into the 80's/90's/beyond can easily testify to this. I haven't found the show harder to follow than, say, any other drama on tv right now. If you just drop into this, you will have some uptake as you figure out who the characters are, what they represent, where they come from. Expecting to tune into an established series and understanding the whole thing is lik…


MacJournal has been a critical tool for me as a writer. This is where I explore so many of my ideas for columns, essays, poetry or fiction. It's a wonderfully well thought out piece of software. Most fun for me, as I have been blogging, has been it's interface with Blogger. It works with Livejournal, too. It functions as a basic text editor, utilized Mac OS X's spell check. You can play with fonts, colors, add links, etc. It's been a good notetaker, too. I use this often and recommend it with fervor. Yes, fervor!

Spy program snoops on cell phones | Tech News on ZDNet

Spy program snoops on cell phones | Tech News on ZDNet: "New software that hides on cell phones and captures call logs and text messages is being sold as a way to monitor kids and spouses. But one security company calls it a Trojan horse. "

I don't like the idea of covert monitoring of family. If I'm worried about my kids doing something unsafe, isn't better to be up front than sneaking. And what does that say about you, the monitor? If you're worried about your wife cheating, shouldn't you be investing your time in counseling and getting the issues addressed, as opposed to sneaking around, coward-like, waiting for proof?