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Social Media Meditation

So many articles about how to make zillions on social media. I've long ago grown weary of that discussion. Don't get caught up in the "magic money" mindset: "Set up Facebook/Twitter and watch the money roll in".  Social media provides great opportunities to engage communities. Connecting with a wider audience without much monetary cost is fantastic. However, there is the time cost to consider. Also, everyone is on these channels, as the cost is so low. Developing a distinct voice can be challenging, yet is critical. A key part of that is focus: you can't be everything to everyone. Trying such dilutes that focus, and you lose sight of what's critical. It's better to have 300 engaged fans than 10k unengaged ones. Follower and Like counting are not always the best metrics. Be thoughtful how you measure success.Your social media meditation for Sunday. Go forth and do great things!

Thinking About The Beauty-Industrial-Complex

Consider: discontent with self-image feeds huge profits to the billion dollar beauty-industrial-complex, and significant misery to millions. We in the business world talk at great lengths about value-add. The only way I see "value-add" by this sector requires a very short-term focus. I wonder if there's a place for the beauty businesses in a world of high-functioning people with great self-esteem. So I think of many women who use these products without demonstrating any lack of self-confidence. Are they simply hiding a deeper misery, or might there be something deeper that I simply cannot see. Probably the later. Probably.We should consider who we can extract the more egregious agony from this sector while keeping the (presumed?) benefits. So much to meditate upon.

Changes For Google Calendar & SMS Notifications

My first thought upon reading that Google will be discontinuing SMS calendar notifications was "wow, do people still use this feature?" Well, I'm sure some do. But I haven't used this feature in years. I have a few calendar elements that send me texts, ones that have been in my calendar for ages. Though I'd forgotten about this feature, it was powerful at one time. At one point, this was an amazingly powerful tool, allowing me to get calendar notifications while away from my computer.  It was great to get a note a few minutes before my meeting with the details. I loved focusing in on whatever I was doing and not worrying about transitioning/leaving for my next meeting.

Anyway, this announcement and (non?) event punctuates an evolutionary element of tech: the move to smartphones and mobile.

Important Announcement about SMS notifications in Google CalendarStarting on June 27th, 2015, SMS notifications from Google Calendar will no longer be sent. SMS notifications l…

Scaling to the personal

Something that struck me this morning: the internet grows bigger, driving us to go closer. We have tools that let us broadcast to unimaginable numbers. Yet it's the personal that works. Even with thousands of Twitter followers (or more), the relationship is based on a one-to-one feeling of connection. Even large brands are trying to push into that space. It makes sense: none of us want to be just a number. Our marketing and PR tools need to be built focussed on creating that sense of connection.

Additional thoughts on the Texas principal forcing a portfolio takedown

I have grave concerns after reading this article: High School Forces Student to Remove Online Photos Under Threat of Suspension. Without being able to see the work in question, it's hard to form a full conclusion. At best, this principal needs a major primer in public affairs. From what I've read and seen, though, the principal in question has exceeded his legal reach, and escaped ethical boundaries. Photos taken at public events (and a district meet/game is a public event) are the property of the photographer. Perhaps these were taken with school gear, and ownership becomes a little trickier. Maybe, but not really. Fair use is fairly clear. It doesn't appear that this young man was making money directly off these images.For a photographer, the online portfolio is critical. It is THE vehicle, anymore, to generate awareness and recognition. This principal's actions provide a major impediment towards this young man's pursuit of his passion, to build a photography car…

Pitfalls of distraction

With great ease, I get sucked into random distractions. This frustrates me no end. Actually, the worst past of the feeling isn't due to the lingering tasks. I end up feeling distracted, fragmented and worn; I hate that sensation. I love the feeling of moving forward, accomplishing goals with a direction and focus. Of course, I adore helping people, especially those I care about. The right balance, oh how I long for thee!

Thinking of Focus

Thinking recently about Steven Covey's notion of focusing in your sphere of influence. Work where you are, that's how I internalize this. I've long thought of this simply in terms of effectiveness. Actually, this is far deeper. What's critical always lies within this sphere. One must complete the critical, our all else fails. We must hold our attention within. By managing within ourselves, the inner elements of our lives, other pieces come into play. When the core gets neglected, there is either fear of impending collapse, or the consequences of such collapse. Breaking free requires focus on the deepest, richest inner, most critical elements. Only upon mastering these, can other pieces of life become richer, deeper.

Today's Online Real Estate Business

We agents have been getting blasted with information about the big online sites: Zillow, Trulia and, mainly. It's really ready to get caught up in the dialog. These sites are charging how people relate to real estate. But they're but likely to change the relationship with agents. People still value the one-one connection. The changes seem to be more about information, and it's accuracy and timeliness. Zillow, et al, are not perfect, and that's the opportunity for agents. But we have to be in our game, know the current market, what's influencing it. It's also good to know what Zillow and such say, do we can be better able to engage and educate. So, no threats to us agents. Unless we aren't willing to stay current, keep our knowledge fresh. And, perhaps, if that's your mindset, failure should not be unexpected. I'm not sweating it, nor is my team.

13122 45th Ave W, Mukilteo

This is one of my team's listings in Mukilteo. Not far off of 52nd Ave W/Beverly Park Rd, this is just a little south of the Speedway. Part of a very well maintained community with nicely manicured lawns and friendly neighbors, who you'll actually see out walking. If you work at the Everett Boeing facility, or the surrounding support community at Paine Field, this is a very livable community with only a few minutes of commute. Biking would be quite easy! If you work in Redmond, say at Microsoft, this is easy jaunt onto Highway 525, feeding you easily on to 405. And if you commute to Seattle, it's a short drive to the Mukilteo Sounder Station or the Ash Way Park & Ride. With a recent price drop, it's quite competitively priced for the neighborhood. Take a look while it's still available.

13122 45th Ave W, Mukilteo, WAGet Directions Click Here Property VIDEODescriptionPhotosMaps & LocalSchoolsMy Reviews $ Click for current price
3 BEDROOMS | 3 (2 full, 1 half )…

Considering Sustainability

Sustainability has been a significant part of my journey for years. Perhaps the most obvious element was my time at Starbucks working in environmental affairs, but that's really only a piece. Also, my time with the Episcopal Church, where I interacted closely with the Earth Ministry greatly expanding my learning. Just two of the more significant parts of my life. I've been exploring this idea for decades. My goal is greater than just understanding sustainability, but finding ways to live it. Really, defining it is the easy part. It's living it that's tough. I'm paraphrasing my friends Brian and Mary Natrass with this definition: a sustainable society is one that takes no more then it returns to the ecosystem. Balance. And though the term "sustainble" gets thrown about a great deal nowadays, I'm not aware of any element or system in modern society that meets that description. Our consumer economy is, actually, the exact opposite. Continued exploitation…

Lost to Busyness

Losing myself in busyness is much too easy. Over the years, I've developed expertise in productivity and maximising work. I get so very much done, do meant todos checked off, but then feel like I've done nothing at all. This brings about a sense of emptiness. Losing sight of my "why" is the root. When my tasks are simply the responses to stimulus, not connected to adding value, I fall into this funk. For there's no value. Remembering why we want, what the things are that we value counters that. Hence, why that planning and thinking time is so critical. Sadly, it's so easy to get caught up in the cult of busy and devalue planning. And we end up miserable and morose. So, more planning and thoughtfulness in my life. There!