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Investment? A Haiku

The future? Murky.
I stare into the unknown
A strange investment

Domain Thoughts

I'm thinking of changing the domain of this site.

At one point, my domain pointed to this page (which I ported to a WordPress site).

I'm trying to decide whether to just bring that back to this site, or whether I should point a different domain here.

I own one, that might be a nice fit.

I am trying to streamline my life. Does having a bunch of domains over-complicate things?

What do you think?

Some Thoughts About Everett

Last week, I spent a little time walking right along Colby. I was struck by the large number of vacant store front spaces. Which surprises me, since retail space in the region is in high-demand. I guess we can see the upper bound of that.
Perhaps Everett is considered too far from Seattle. I find that interesting as it's only 35 miles, 44 miles to Seatac airport.
There's a great arts community up here, with the Everett Philharmonic, the Village Theatre and the Schack Arts Center, just to name a few.
Plenty of businesses occupy the larger buildings, banks, escrow companies, the offices for Snohomish County, and, of course, the City of Everett's offices.
The city has an amazing amount of potential. I hope that the business community realizes it and helps Everett grow...and grow the right way.
Maybe that can Everett's call to glory: smart and compassionate growth! Just a thought.

As We Move Into June

Half this year...
We're moving into the middle of the year.
Striking to me.
I know it's a trope
But time seems to pass by
....Far faster
.......Than before

With that, I'm thinking of returning to Blogger, at least for a while. Recapturing my roots, I guess. As well as simplifying things. My life became overfull, with so very much slipping. Quality; so very important to me, failing. Quality and Mr. Pirsig, my main take away from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Blogger's not as clean as WordPress. There's more work to getting the site just right. I'm curious to see if I can be satisfied.

We shall see!