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A Unique Real Estate Market Observation

The end of this week, leading into the weekend, I have been barraged by a huge number of "open house" and "newly listed" marketing messages. It's a completely subjective analysis, sure, but reinforces many of the messages I've been getting lately: this summer's Puget Sound real estate market is hot. 
As a seller, expect multiple offers on any reasonably priced home. (Note: strong seller's markets do not equate to a magical "I can charge anything I want" pricing strategy.) As a buyer, be prepared for being one of many and that you might need to make offers on many homes to get in. It's easy to get what I've heard called "buyer fatigue" (a great descriptor). Tenacity and realistic expectations are very helpful right now. 
Anyway, just an observation. Go and enjoy the weekend!

Reflecting on a decade + of blogging, change, consistency and uniqueness

Just read Om Malik's "In 12 years of blogging, the more things change, the more they stay the same". Though I launched this site nearly 10 years ago, I've been blogging longer. Whether more than 12 years, I'm unsure. His article, though, gave me pause. Lately, I've been distributing my interests across multiple sites. The logic being to ensure content consistency. However, as Om points out, by doing such I run the risk of being just another site. Without the unique blend of content that reflects my interests, that tells my story, things become somewhat sterile and devoid of uniqueness. Blogging's strength is how it brings unique voices forward.

Now, what to do with such knowledge. One thing: work on reintegrating my web presence. More postings here, vs all the distributed channels. Also, though, I shall feel free to expand and explore all my interests here. Expanding on the unique perspective that is, well, me. So, forward I go.

Modern Business, Social Media, and @Taylorswift13

Inc. has a great piece looking at Taylor Swift and her uber-successful social media dialog with Apple. I've been very impressed with Ms. Swift. Her savvy social media execution has helped build her into a powerful brand. This is a woman who will have a powerful impact for years to come.

The article sums up the tools she used for success in this case nicely. She maintained a respectful tone in her dialog with Apple (I'm reluctant to use any other term as she made a statement and Apple, extremely wisely, took the advice). They also look at the way she's managed her relationship with her fans, with which I think she's done an exceptional job. And I adore the way she's poked fun, in a very positive way, at the media speculation and harassment that follows her.

Ms. Swift is a bright, talented and engaging woman, who I think has done an exceptional job to date managing her brand, life and business interests. There's a lot to learn from her savvy, no matter the sector…

Zorpia Blues

I'm seeing a bunch of emails from friends and colleagues from Zorpia. It ostensibly seems to be a social networking, but clearly is a phishing scheme. They will look like invites from a friend. Do Not Open The Messages From Them!

Here's a blog post that sums up the joy.

Along with this, always double check with the assumed sender before you click on these sorts of things. And, even if they say "yeah, it's a great site", spend a little time with Google to verify. It's really hard to undo this sort of damage.

Overcoming the rage filled life

I find it far too easy to give in to rage. Focusing on difference, allowing frustration to overwhelm tolerance, these smooth the path towards anger, if not rage. Our culture elevates this sensibility, and it's hard to break free. Every direction, seemingly, comes laden with outrage. Escaping this requires a deliberate effort. I continue to create positive energy streams into my mind. Seek out affirming stories about good being done. One irony: what I see as good someone else will see as outrageous, unacceptable. As much as I might try to live a life of inclusivity, there are bounds. So, I accept that not all will going willingly towards the better place I envision. I continue this endeavor, though. Focusing upon the good being done, knowing what is focused on expands. And purging as much outrage provocation from life works the other way; unfocusing on things causes them to contract. Building positive energy in my life had always felt better; a much better way to live.

TEDTalk: Teaching In North Korea

We watched this TED Talk last night. Very powerful, especially if you care about North Korea. It's very helpful to remember that those North Koreans we're talking about are people, with families, with loved ones. The ideal regime change would factor those elements in. Sadly, I expect that freeing North Korea will involve a significant loss of life.

Normal is Subjective

When this notion first drifted into my mind, it was meant to be silly and sarcastic. Yet, the more I think about it, the more striking it becomes. Most informal definitions of "normal" invoke an unconscious selection, a small statistically erroneous sample of society. Generally, this is the subculture which one interacts with. "Normal" is devoid of diversity.

Now, consider, what might be considered normal at broad, even global levels. Language, idiom, norms and behaviors at a planetary level wouldn't reflect the norms of US culture, or even Western culture. Probably some blend of Chinese and/or South American culture, if such a thing exists.

Perhaps we shouldn't get quite so wrapped up in being normal. Or, more importantly, judging those who aren't normal. I've always delighted in the weird, those people who experience the world uniquely, and are filled with confidence about their glorious difference. Brings to mind one of my favorite Kerouac quotes…