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Following Your Gut

I remember reading an article, years ago, about how one should never trust their gut. They cited the presence of serial killers like Ted Bundy and how smoothly they talked and acted. This made me laugh. Bundy, et al, had no logical reason not to trust them. Even if we had today's tools, we wouldn't find anything terribly remiss in their background. Those people who weren't taken in were following their gut. 
Perhaps there's some confusion about gut following. This isn't just mindlessness; deliberately slowing down and thinking. It's deeper, though, than simply analyzing facts. But it's more than airy fairy mindless trust. 
Learning to listen to that inner guide takes time and deliberate training. Often, that voice gets drowned out by the din of modern life. Much to our detriment.

Email Culls & Other Fun

I've been wading thru massive amounts of email for far too long. Time for action! Now, as a geek with several domains, it was easy to create a special email for all my news and newsletters. As I'm going through and porting them all over, I'm seeing how many of these aren't relevant any more. I'm an information junkie. But is really time to draw back. I'm digging thru tons of news searching for stuff I need to attend to. Silly.

Father's Day 2013

Yesterday, my family spent our day celebrating Fatherhood with KEXP. The Eighth Annual Father's Day Kid's Dance Party was heck-of-a-lotta fun. Big plus ones to EMP for hosting, Pagliacci Pizza for providing dough for pizza tossing, and to the Vicious Puppies Crew for bringing their b-boy chops to the event.

VPC was the main draw for us. I love watching talented artists of all disciplines using their passions. My son struggled the rest of the day to control his dance steps (a bit of a problem in the restaurant for lunch...), so inspiration was partaken.

Soon there will be photos uploaded to the KEXP Flickr Stream. Until then, I have a few shots up on my Flickr page.

Here's the most popular VPC video on YouTube. Enjoy!