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Awesome "Baseball" Video

This was forwarded to me some time ago. Slowly, ever so slowly, I'm digging through the depths of my inbox. Anyway, this proves to me that women should be allowed into pro-baseball.

Reading's Future

Behind, somewhat, on working my way through my reading pile, I came across an iPad article from the April 5th Newsweek, “What’s So Great About The iPad?” (Anna Quindlen). I’ve been fond of her writing for awhile, so this was a must read, especially considering the synergy between writer and the subject. She isn’t as focused on the iPad, rather the state of reading and the impact (iMpact?) of e-readers on the book and reading. I’ve been wondering for awhile how the iPad, or any of these devices, will change the market...much less reading. Perhaps, just maybe, this could be a more productive way to manage my reading?

Is the book dead? No. Transforming? Yes. She points out a few key statistics. First, it’s not youth that are driving the new market. Rather, it is middle-aged men (her statement was that specific). I don’t know if her assertion that this might be due to adjustable font sizes is the driver, or that simply they’re the ones who can afford the devices? Another thing that middle…

Early Morning Recollections

Suddenly, at this insane hour, I remember being in Asia as a boy. I'm
not exactly sure where we where; probably Singapore. I remember a
series of figurines depicting some battle. What stuck me most
powerfully was the graphicness. Blood everywhere, heads missing;
grotesque. I was disturbed and frightened. Enough so that I remember
it clearly more than thirty years later.Why now? Such an odd moment for such a memory to burst from the murk
of personal history. Randomness from the human brain, especially THIS
collection of personal synapses, is hardly unusual. I've learned that
these memories have triggers. Answers will come with time, with
consideration.My "now" has been filled with self-analysis, diving deeper into who I
am and what I do. Career had been at the forefront. The rest of me has
been, somewhat, neglected in this. Perhaps a piece of this is a hint
to expand past one narrow piece of my life, regardless of how much of
my time is taken up by career…


Flower, originally uploaded by carl.setzer. I can not remember the plant this flower is part of. Off the beach at
Brackett's landing in Edmonds.

A Design Career

As cool as another web design class sounds, I’m thinking of getting a copy of CS5 and exploring “manually”. In particular, I haven’t had a chance to mess with InDesign for several iterations. I believe that the last version I explored was prior to the CS Suite bundling. I’ve never used InDesign in a professional setting. The last product I used with Quark, and I’m not sure the version. So I’m really interested in bringing my desktop publishing skills current. Well, at least production environment software-wise. I am up-to-date with MS Publisher. Anyway, I could try and get CS4, as with CS5’s release, I should be able to get CS4 at a huge discount. And, from what I’ve been reading, getting my skills up-to-date with CS4 might work well.

NYTimes: Seven Children Killed in School Attack in China

Yet again, another frightening attack on children. The NYTimes does a
good job here exploring some if the possible causes of this string of
attacks. Questions are raised, though some of the hypothesis are
simplistic. It will be telling if the Chinese government finally
decides to deal with the issue versus simply hiding it. From The New York Times:Seven Children Killed in School Attack in ChinaThe children and a teacher were stabbed to death at a kindergarten in
China in the latest in a bizarre series of attacks on children.

Career? Pain in the Rear?

Still wondering about my career next steps. I've been an admin so long, it's hard to envision some other role. I like to picture myself in some creative function, whether writer, web designer, or such. Yet I wonder whether I'm gifted creatively. Am I pursuing something I have no talent in?

When I consider what people tell me I'm gifted at, it isn't art. I'm a talented organizer, manager, even a good analyst. There is so very much more to learn to be excellent in those roles.

Perhaps these views are due to limited exposure of my creative efforts? I don't show my work much. I'm a bit self-concious, still. Perhaps a residual of my suburban upbringing? Maybe that should be a focus of mine in the near-term?

As my contract at Microsoft creeps upon it's end date, these discussions take on an added urgency. Yet answers aren't easily forthcoming.


Drill-Baby-Drill, originally uploaded by carl.setzer. Needed to fix a stupid typo. "Drill Baby Brill" indeed! I are a colledge graduit?


I've been exploring's offerings. Particularly their iPhone app. Though not surprised by the number of calories I consume, I am stunned by the amount of fat and just blown away by the amount of sodium. Eating fewer calories won't be the real challenge. Getting my sodium intake to a healthy level, though, will require wholesale lifestyle rework.

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