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Google SketchUp - Home

Quote of the Day

I Think in Pictures, You Teach in Words


Clint Eastwood as an Anglo-Catholic Liturgist « haligweorc

Responding to tirades

Official Gmail Blog: Gmail + chat + AIM = crazy delicious


6 Reasons why you should think before you speak

Snow Hominids

Inside the Black Hole, a Spare Parts Warehouse for Nukes

Governor declares weather-related state of emergency

Pasta monster gets academic attention - Technology & science-

» Apple QuickTime under siege | Ryan Naraine’s Zero Day |

Blue Man Group -

the vegetable orchestra

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: TV: Food Network

Huge wooden moose planned in Sweden

Another piece of my childhood dies

Microsoft Challenges the iPod (Again) - New York Times

Sears Profits Obliterated -

Wired News - AP News

Hidden crime of ‘wi-fi tapping’: only 11 arrests but most of us are guilty - Times Online

Brave New Medium

Kim Wilde - Kids in America

Homeland Security slams FEMA for staging fake wildfire news conference - On Deadline -

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Political Thought

This is just wrong...simply wrong....

In Disasters, Everyone, Not Just Bloggers, Should Use Twitter


Worst Traffic

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

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designboom weblog, design related news, reviews and previews

Venus Hum

Career Thoughts and Personal Observations

BBC NEWS | Americas | Washington diary: Farewell cowboy?

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | Day in pictures

Local News | No rental tax for Flexcar — for now | Seattle Times Newspaper


Microsoft and Online Storage


» Everything you’ve read about Vista DRM is wrong (Part 1) | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Burmese military threatens monks

VW Gets Gross

Thought for the day

Thought of the day

Quote of the Day

My Childhood

zunePhone ad

OS Ideas

An English Teacher in Porto: In Search of Joanne Rowling

Advertising Age - Garfield The Blog - Comcast Must Die

Online predators keep the police busy

Rock bottom for Palm and Hawkins? | One More Thing - CNET

Weird Thought

Leech invasion makes residents see red

New bishop brings wit to the job

Bush porn pic sparks US anger |

Short Celtic Christianity Rant « haligweorc

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Glass and a Half Full Productions

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Obama Shoots...He Scores!

Oh, Lotto

Evening thoughts

Much Ado About Nothing

smoke weed with willy

.Mac and iTunes

The Singles File: Is 'The Game' reduced to target and ambush?

Idea of the day


Smooth Sailing for I-5 Seattle Construction and Traffic This Morning; WSDOT Urges Drivers to Stay the Course


Plot Alleged To Fix Chinese Noodle Prices


Paris Hilton Goes Green to "Save Our Earth From All This, You Know, Pollution"

Thought of the day

Dot Mac Redeems Itself

Dateline DEFCON

» Has Ubuntu clinched the desktop Linux market? | Open Source |

Keeping secrets secret


Politicians and pay

Geek life

Office Politicos: A Field Guide

What's next for Whole Foods, Wild Oats?

Tour de France leader raises doping suspicions

Yahoo! Underground

Tokyo Dance Trooper

Sprint's Customer Service

Thoughts in the evening

"The 100 Acre Personality Quiz"

HeraldNet: 1,652 filmed running lights

So damn tired...

Lynnwood Beauty Academy


Our Family Hostage Crisis - New York Times

Save Net Radio

Facebook and MySpace are like chalk 'n' cheese

Junior Boys Godard Mashup


Spice Girls spark speculation of comeback

This Week in God on Left Behind video game

Updating Literature

Yahoo! Go

China overtakes United States as world's biggest polluter

Work with me, people!

Google launches public policy blog today

Woman dies in ER lobby as 911 refuses to help

Look who's joined the browser wars...

FW: Cell phone bill, text message ban signed into law