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About Me

My life has taken me throughout the US and throughout a fair amount of Asia. Through this journey I developed a broad view of the world.

I developed a passion for writing in junior high, and it's only grown since. Lately, I've been delighting in haiku. I find the simplicity graceful. In such a compressed form, we discover how powerful word placement and word choice is.

Over my career, I worked in a wide array of business disciplines, thus I have a solid understanding of general business principles, writing and PR, internet and social media marketing. I have built websites (with a particular love for WordPress), myriad PowerPoints, intricate Excel spreadsheets, tracked million dollar + budgets, configured custom domain email accounts, launched built networks, written press releases, edited newsletter, and developed long-term strategies.

My focus has been on "getting things done", while keeping an eye on the future. Always seeking to grow, not just stay busy, I adore technology, geek culture and innovative ideas.

Here's a list of my inspirations.

Below are other places I write for:
  • Medium: My more focused/polished work.
  • QuestionsAll: I mostly write haiku, but also other kinds of poetry
  • Not Just Seattle: where I explore life in the greater Seattle area
  • My About Me page
  • Tumblr: more informal with random thoughts and ideas. 
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