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I am a project manager/coordinator, doer of stuff,  and digital creator living just north of Seattle. Working across a variety of industries and companies, I bring a unique understanding of business and operations. My experience includes small and large non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, small start ups, and nearly everything in between.

I'm a writer who's deeply embraced the digital age.And a blogger who's worked across a variety of industries and who knows how to use digital and social media to connect with a wide range of audiences.

As a communicator, I created content for executive presentations, websites, newsletters (email and print), and advertising copy for internal and external customers. I've managed multiple social media accounts, developed campaigns focusing on strategic engagement, blogged, and managed customer relationships (design and implementation of CRM campaigns) for multiple companies. Additionally, I am comfortable speaking to audiences of many sizes.

Within this work, I've lead tour groups in corporate facilities, facilitated coffee-tastings for high-profile visitors, and managed the annual financial meeting of a large church during a fiscally stressful period (middle of the recession).

Ultimately, I “get stuff done” utilizing strategic communication skills, project management knowledge and technological prowess. My breadth of industries, roles and places I’ve lived enable me to have meaningful dialog with a wide-range of people, the full array of stakeholders. I've coordinated and managed projects for AARP, Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, along with many smaller players.

As a power user of a variety of technology, I bring a solid tech savvy to every role and project. From getting a certificate in "information processing" back when Lotus spreadsheets were pretty novel, to designing media with Photoshop, InDesign and Quark.  I've coded and deployed websites with html, and used tools like FrontPage (remember that one?), Blogger and WordPress. Computers and technology have been a huge part of my life. As the Digital Age has progressed, I've moved my knowledge into the web, with over a decade of blogging experience, both personal and professional.  In pretty much every role, I've been the go-to guy for technical answers.

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I'm always interested in exploring opportunities. If you have collaboration ideas, email me at Carl-at-carlsetzer-dot-com.

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