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Dreaming Big - Living Beyond The Doable

I’ve been reading Gary Keller’s “One Thing”, which defines three types of goals: doable, stretch & possible. “Doable”, of course, is the low hanging fruit, the no/low risk path. “Stretch” pushes you, but you’re still within the view of “limits”; some more risk and more effort than “doable”. Then we have “possible”. Well, I don’t like Keller’s term, but we’ll go with it. Because “possible” really pushes our mind past what we view as possible. It’s not about what we think as possible, but pushing past our viewed limits and discovering the truly possible. I like “beyond possible”, but I think that would push people away from trying, as much as “impossible” would. 

Ah, the “impossible!” I don’t believe in impossibilities. Rather, possibilities limited by either vision or a lack of technological progress. In Michio Kaku’s “Physics of the Impossible”, he defines three types of impossibilities: class 1, 2 & 3. Class 1 are technologically impossible, but don’t violate physical laws. Co…

The pursuit of balance

I seek balance, balance between career and family, spiritual and earthly. Balance, perhaps the zen of yin and yang. Balance, though, is not a steady state, rather continuous action. Balancing, redistributing; because you can't have it all, only what you prioritizeThus, knowing what's important is critical. Having goals, big overarching ones to guide you, to allow you focus. With that, one of my traps: forgetting that I can shift, adjust to the changing reality. And that's the real goal, to grow, learn and adjust. Its OK for the goals to move. Actually, its critical. If we're growing, we're learning. That new knowledge will open up possibilities we never could consider before. The glorious future unimaginable.

I seek connection

I've seen life's frivolousness, the extreme fickleness of fate. A randomness haunting life. This uncertainty drives many to fear. Me? Connection: my drive is to connect, deeply, richly. Not simply awareness of Facebook updates (or Facebook's kin). Rather to comment, engage, share: whether that's humor, insight or compassion. An actual presence, of which we both are aware. Friends and family: this matters most. If, at the end of our life, no one cares, or worse, our death generates a feeling of relief, a release from the miseries we've inflicted, has our life any value?

July Fourth Fun

This July Forth, one of the key things I'm doing: cleaning out my inboxes. I've been quite over-full with activity, and this was one area sacrificed. Brings back to the front of mind a continuous quandary: information flow. I have a huge array of interests, thus have subscribed to a huge number of email lists. And, like today, most of what I'm doing is dumping those emails into the trash. Even the ones being saved to "read later". That's something happening less and less: "reading later". Slowly, I continue culling subscriptions. It's hard, really hard. Iteratively, I'm defining/refining my interests. And weeding out what I won't read, or keep the most up-to-date with. This weeding has been the most painful. Even with knowing I can look things up instantly. Perhaps it's a legacy: I'd keep magazine subscriptions of stuff that I cared about to "read later". Though it might be weeks or even months later, having access to t…


For the past few years, taekwondo has been my main side activity. The only larger pieces of my life have been work and writing; perhaps it's tied with photography. So, I thought it good to share some of what I'm experiencing here.

Most delightful has been weightloss. I've managed to drop around 20 pounds since I started. This is more than the martial art, as I've worked hard to increase my fitness level, but it has been the central activity. And I've developed better balance and strength.

My whole family participates, so it's been particularly joyful. Plus all three of us have developed good friendships with our fellow students.

So, I leave you with a few things I'm most proud of. Above, you see my red-belt test results. And, below, is a video of my board breaks for the same test.

Creativity: Stifling vs. Channeling

From the perspective of the creative, direction (channeling) and stifling look very similar. Ultimately, it's the end goal that determines the difference. Channeling is about helping the creation be the most effective, most powerful it can be. Stifling is about eliminating a threat, whether that threat is direct (ie: being offended) or indirect (ie: fear of your child's career because they're "wasting time" on the arts).

One challenge for the creative: finding the right mentors. As youth, our mentors and leaders are chosen for us. Think teachers, pastors, camp get the picture. Generally, finding the right mentor to trust is act of pure luck. As we get older, and (hopefully) wiser and more aware, we are able to be more direct about choosing who we let into those positions of trust. But even as youth, it's often possible to determine the difference, and, thus, put the stifling actions off to the side.

On the other end, it's important for us…

TikTok, LunaTik & Social Business

This company has interested me, the Apple guy and iPhone user. One of their devices is, in my opinion, the most effective case ever created. Not cheap, but wickedly awesome.
I've really not noticed their backstory, though. Watching this video really impressed me with the ways they utilized social media and tools like Kickstarter to get this product created. It really spoke to me about the way business is evolving, and how the world could shake out.
Anyway, it's worth a few minutes of your time. Business is changing. Behold!

The Story of TikTok+LunaTik from LUNATIK on Vimeo.