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Thoughts on America

A little behind, perhaps, I just read Bob Herbert’s “Cause for Alarm” from the July 5 New York Times. In many respects I couldn’t agree more. I love the line “The symbols of patriotism — bumper stickers and those flags the size of baseball fields — have taken the place of the hard work and sacrifice required to keep a great nation great.” For years I have felt that too many people were adopting the empty trappings of patriotism (look at all the ludicrous debate about Obama’s flag pin) without taking on anything of substance. This bumper sticker patriotism is lazy, both intellectually and morally.

One area, though, I thought could stand a little more exploration: “...the combination of unrestrained partisanship and the corrosive influence of big money have all but paralyzed the political process.” Many believe that we are in an era of unprecedented partisanship. Au contrae, mes amies! Historically, our country has practiced bare-knuckles politics. One simply needs to look at the Adams/…


One personal insight I just had: it is very hard to shift gears when I'm presented with information that I find compelling (for any reason). Basically, in Franklin-Covey parlance, I often get roped into "B" level priorities simply because the information's right there in front of me. Oh, those questions of self-discipline! The solution, I'm sure, is to spend time planning, ensuring I have my daily priorities front and center.
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Quote Of The Day

This line is just perfect. Mr. McCourt sums up my view of President Clinton perfectly.

"I'm always waiting to hear a voice. I admired Clinton but he still wasn't the voice. I wanted him to rise above it, but he was pulled down by his genitalia."
~Frank McCourt

Random thought du-jour

I love Food Network. I’m such a geek. Perhaps it’s my love of food, or living vicariously, or maybe even my desire for that elegant life. Meh, I don’t fully know, nor do I care enough to spend more time than a random musing. It is a significant amount of my life, though. However, I probably watch more Travel Channel, and way more PBS.