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Thoughts On Apple, iPhones, Safari and a bit of Android Envy

I'm suffering a bit from Android Envy, centered around the app Mighty Text. This makes Android phones more compelling to me. And, sadly, there isn't an iPhone version, nor competing product...well, at least not on Windows. Now I get Apple, and understand why they haven't/won't make a Windows version of the product: Apple's drive for their products integration. Perhaps, though, there's a way for Apple to build a tool and expand their market-share of another Apple product: Safari.

My idea: integrate iMessage functionality with Safari. Let me send/receive SMS messages via my iPhone from my Safari browser. That would drive me to use Safari nearly exclusively. Right now, on my work PC, I use (in order from most to least used) Firefox, Chrome, IE, then Safari; on my Mac, Chrome, Firefox then Safari. I tend to only use Safari extensively on my iPhone.

So, here's a way to expand Apple's hold in one market, increase the functionality of a key tool, and help mak…

Thoughts on Capitalism

Can capitalism respond to our various global crisises?  Can it respond to global warming, income gaps, etc? Or is it's very nature corrosive? By us all being competitors, does that destroy out ability to collaborate? Or are we able to find that third way, a path where we're all equal, not undercutting and seeking for everyone to benefit? Is there a way for win-win to be globalized, scaled across cultures, countries, et al?

Cold Mornings, or Life in the North

At several moments on my drive in were several moments I wished I could photograph. Gorgeous ice formations upon trees, some highlighted by light from the rising sun. Bare branches with frost have this delightful quality, especially with cold sunlight glinting upon it. Hoarfrost, as it's otherwise known.

Since I wasn't able (either due to time, driver safety, or other reason) to grab a shot, I grabbed this one off the interwebs. Bon appetite!

Facing challenges

Random observation: people seem to land in one of two camps regarding their responses to recognizing challenges. Either we over-dramatize (see the mountain instead if the molehill), or under-estimate (see a molehill instead of the mountain). Perhaps the later deception is more productive, as you avoid paralysis. However, neither is truly effective. Either one is paralyzed needlessly, or starry-eyed unaware of truly harmful danger. 
Best response: when we've trained ourselves to see challenge, understand our ability to respond, then choose clearly amongst the clear and obvious choices. 
I train my mind continuously, hoping that I'll someday achieve that state.

Facing Fear

One must face that which brings fear; not with rage, rather, compassion. For such demons only bear the power of deception. Face the fear, deny deceptions, then act upon what's left.