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Xbox One : Tech Thoughts

Just read a few of the stories about the Xbox. I'm pretty jazzed at what the 'Soft is up to. I'm wondering about a few things:
1) Will any of these features be part of the current Xbox ecosystem? Or just limited to the new machine? 
2) Will there be changes to the current pricing setup?
There were a few other random thoughts that have fluttered away. I'll update as more floats back. 

The Nature Of Work

For years I've pondered the nature of work in our society. The way our sense of self is intrinsically tied, how one of the first things we ask new acquaintances is "what do you?" Work provides us social status, links within our communities and, of course, critical economic resources: survival.

Additionally, I've seen so misery surrounding work. Hatred for their work, disdain for certain crafts and, thus, isolation. Dignity and social acceptance play out in this space. And, let's not forget the pain surrounding job losses.

I'm committed to exploring this deeper, so there will be more soon.

May you all find peace on this journey through the cosmos.