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Violence doesn't heal.
Tis a short term thing,
Self-inflicted grief
Building upon agony.Simmering wreckage,
Quite close to home.
New destruction layered
Upon the old. Gargantuan pachyderm
Calmly sits,

Living in the Future

This morning, like many, upon waking I grabbed my trusty tablet and organized my day. Email reviewed, tasks considered, organized; yet I'm still warm in bed. What an amazing time! I wonder:  Where do we go from here? Perhaps a Google Glass variant, the Google Contacts, where we do all the above without opening our eyes? Is there a limit where we just won't go further? Perhaps a Google Implant will chill us? Or are such things, allowed to simmer a generation or two, eventually a natural notion? Of such I wonder....


So begins doom
Tendons within the neck
Pulled, slowly, growing
Into ferocity, mercy unknown.
Powerless, collapsing within.Seeking, simply, to continue
To exist upon the other side.
Survival, sometimes, a worthy

Celebrity and Personal Branding

Just read Tony Hawk's Media Empire Grows With Help From Complex over at Adage. They talk quite a bit about the brands that celebrities are building. This leaves me wondering when saturation happens, when we have so many celebrity brands that we can't see find anyone. We already have so much content, so much internet-based activity. Will we ever get to the point of "not being able to see the forest through the trees"?

My first thought is "no, we won't". We have tools for sifting through the massive forest of data. I guess the real challenge is how to differentiate yourself, fully connecting to an audience. The world of general is where the blizzard is. Specialization is where one can still be differentiated and engage deeply.

Lust vs Love

A simple thought: physical attraction may be felt towards those disliked, or even despised. Love is richer, deeper. Love seeks the happiness of its focus. Self sacrifice for the beloved: easy, actually pleasing, especially when successful. Generosity's birthplace is there. No more glorious sound exists than the laughter of those we love.

Thoughts on the Start of the Week

Briefly looking back, I'm pleased that I got my inbox back under control. At the start of the day, I was well over 300 emails.I highly recommend you start reading Project 562. Matika's a fantastic photographer, and this project explores the Native American experience. As a member of the Tulalip Tribes, her insights into last week's school shooting in Marysville are worth the read. As for my own writing, I've been pleased with the engagement I've received at my poetry blog: Asking, Exploring, Seeking. It's where I've been focusing more of that energy, though the busy-ness of this early autumn has impacted that work as well. I'm trying to get back to posting daily. I've been taking CIS 241, Web Development 1 at Edmonds Community College. Yeah, I know a fair amount about html, and a bit about CSS. I'm mostly self-taught, though, and have long wanted a deeper understanding. Getting up-to-speed with the changes wrought by html 5 have been really cool…