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A Morning Moment With Birdsong

The sky evenly grey, moisture descends calmly, quietly. Some bird's song sounding rather akin to a child whistling poorly. This song grabs attention solidly. I know my walls absorb some tonality, change timber, perhaps limiting the time of the song. With the window open, the range expands. Compelled to understand this strange song better, I slide open a window. Slowly, carefully; trying to ensure that from which it emanates remains unaware, undisturbed, thus continuing unabated. An element of Heisenberg, I guess.

The sine wave of pitch clarifies. More tonal range, combined with an interesting harmonic. Do both pitches originate together? Perhaps a strange acoustical effect as sounds merge? Perhaps simply echo, with the scattered sound's timbre losing elements, absorbed by the world hosting it, deflecting it?

I feel the different bell curves. One wave reflecting pitch, rising, cresting, returning to the origination. Then a pause, this few seconds of rest before recommencing. …

Green Drinks, Sno Co Version

I first became involved with Green Drinks when I worked as part of the Starbucks Environmental Affairs team. It's a loosely affiliated national group providing networking opportunities for the Green crowd. I've thought a lot about reconnecting with the Seattle group when into my inbox comes an invite from the Snohomish County chapter.

They're meeting tomorrow and I plan to be there. If you're in Everett or nearby, I hope you come by. More details at this link:

Sunset in Everett

A Few Random Thoughts On Modern Technology

I love some things about this age. I like sitting in bed working. Getting some calm family time, yet also arranging my day, answering email and the like. And making a much delayed blog update without too much effort.

Another "like" is being able to utilize wasted time better. Things like standing in line, waiting for the doctor. I don't sit reading months old magazines; I get work done.

Crazy side bar: I've spent the later half of this year working for a real estate company. Same sort of work, whole new sector. I never would've guessed just how tech dependent real estate is. Or can be. Perhaps a piece of this tech utilization is related to locale. We are in a major tech hub. My team lives and breathes via Dropbox and Gmail. Acrobat is additionally critical. Most communication with our sellers is via email, or via website.

Thinking of websites and real estate, one thing I spend time researching are Home Owners Associations, water associations and such. People, …

Your Daily Musical Interlude

Icelandic Reggae? Where else are you going to find such delights but KEXP. Seattle community radio is a thing of beauty.

Data Saturation and Sanity

I, like so many others, have hit the wall: data overload. There's SO much out there, interesting and readily available. Free, or so for all practical intent; very few barriers. Not too long ago, price helped keep this in check. Our resources to spend on magazines, newspapers and the like naturally limited out data-stream. Yes, we had free at libraries, but content was still limited (by the fiscal concerns of libraries as well as any particular mag being used or destroyed by another patron) and there was the time commitment. Clearly the topography has changed.

Content commodified: for creatives, this might be horrifying. I have a bit of that reaction. But this condition needs to drive a focus on quality. We content creators need to create the best stuff we can. And be aware of the subjective nature of "best".

But "best" can still be buried within a sea of adequate. The tools for navigating this are still being crafted. I consider the hundreds of email I delet…