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Thoughts and Concerns Of Music During The Streaming Age

Earlier today I read this piece from my friends at Geekwire: "Music service Rhapsody posts record $35M net loss even as revenues climb to $202M". I'm not simply concerned about a long-standing Seattle tech company struggling, but also that entities like Spotify are also bleeding cash to keep their market share. The losses are not sustainable long-term. I'm really not a streaming-music industry analyst, so I can't really speak to the timeline of the issue, and that's really not my point or concern.

I'm wondering about the sustainability of the music business. Not simply Spotify, et al; actually, even more my focus is on musicians. I've heard from many sources (most notably Taylor Swift) about how Spotify is not providing a livable income. Now, if Apple, Google, etc, can pay more than Spotify or Rhapsody, that's a particular issue. However, I think this is larger. It's ultimately about the consumers, about me and you as music lovers. Perhaps $10…