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Some thoughts on the increase in renters

After reading City Lab's "The Rise Of Renting In The US", I'm struck by some key things. 1) The fact that housing takes up 60%, or more, of the lowest earners income should trouble us. I'm not sure what the best solution is to getting more affordable housing available. One if the most critical factors is inventory (good ol' supply & demand). Hence the drive for more multi-family projects.2)'there are long-term impacts from the high percentage of the Pope's income that is burned through on basics. It impacts social mobility. I expect this will help drive more economically fragile people over the edge. 3) the concerns I have in point 2) are exacerbated by a 40% or more increase in year-to-year rental costs. I worry about the long-term impacts this will have on the demand for assistance. Especially as incomes are rising far too slowly 4) It's not all bad news. There are some upsides to communities with high percentages of renters. Especially if t…

I really like our new listing in Everett : 2126 Rucker Ave

My team just listed this property. Situated in the desirable north Everett, it's got a very nice view of Possession Sound. It needs a bit of work, but this classic Everett home comes laden with charm.