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Career Thoughts and Personal Observations

For many years I’d considered a career in IT as I have something of an aptitude and a modicum of interest. However, I soundly lack passion. Today on my train journey into Seattle and to work, I sat nearby a chap reading a book on Linux. He was an immersed and interested by this as I was by my current read, “Cry The Beloved Country”. Not the first time I have witnessed such, I still find this amazing. While I was in the Navy, I had colleagues would delight in reading arcane texts specializing in some opaque mathematically based concept. Though I have a reasonable grasp of the mathematical arts, I do not claim much joy. If I never studied another thing based upon math, I would be rather content.


I understand that there are many levels and tiers to one’s career, and that one can pursue a work-path remarkably different from one’s passions. However, at this point at least, such is not my path. I would rather have my interests and passions before me, and driving my daily life, as opposed to being infrequent musings. Perhaps that will change. I hope not.