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July Fourth Fun

This July Forth, one of the key things I'm doing: cleaning out my inboxes. I've been quite over-full with activity, and this was one area sacrificed.

Brings back to the front of mind a continuous quandary: information flow. I have a huge array of interests, thus have subscribed to a huge number of email lists. And, like today, most of what I'm doing is dumping those emails into the trash. Even the ones being saved to "read later". That's something happening less and less: "reading later". Slowly, I continue culling subscriptions. It's hard, really hard.

Iteratively, I'm defining/refining my interests. And weeding out what I won't read, or keep the most up-to-date with. This weeding has been the most painful. Even with knowing I can look things up instantly. Perhaps it's a legacy: I'd keep magazine subscriptions of stuff that I cared about to "read later". Though it might be weeks or even months later, having access to that knowledge was critical. Throwing them out meant losing ready access to that info. Now I am a simple Google search away. Just need to convince my brain.

I see these elements, struggling with the changes I've lived through. It seems, simply, that its mostly about becoming fully aware of the conflict. I view this process as psychic debugging.

Lastly, and don't worry. I'll still get out and enjoy US Independence Day. Cheers, all!