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Thoughts on the Start of the Week

  • Briefly looking back, I'm pleased that I got my inbox back under control. At the start of the day, I was well over 300 emails.
  • I highly recommend you start reading Project 562. Matika's a fantastic photographer, and this project explores the Native American experience. As a member of the Tulalip Tribes, her insights into last week's school shooting in Marysville are worth the read. 
  • As for my own writing, I've been pleased with the engagement I've received at my poetry blog: Asking, Exploring, Seeking. It's where I've been focusing more of that energy, though the busy-ness of this early autumn has impacted that work as well. I'm trying to get back to posting daily. 
  • I've been taking CIS 241, Web Development 1 at Edmonds Community College. Yeah, I know a fair amount about html, and a bit about CSS. I'm mostly self-taught, though, and have long wanted a deeper understanding. Getting up-to-speed with the changes wrought by html 5 have been really cool. 
There's the brief run-down of this week's highlights in review.