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The Cyber World

It's sometimes hard to imagine, but I remember a world without PC's, iPods, cellphones and the like. Though it really wasn't that long ago, in some ways it was a lifetime. The impact of these, and related, technologies on our culture has been immense. These devices have changed the way we date, flirt, communicate, learn, yadda yadda. My life has kept me in the thick of it. I love these devices, and have been an early adopter (as much as I could afford to be, at least).

Back in the mid-80's, a good friend of mine crafted a bulletin board with his Commodore 64 (ah, now there was a machine). This, the predecessor of the blog, the webpage, etc, was so cool a way to me, at least. I wasn't any cheaper than a phone call, and a hell of a lot more expensive than a letter. My poor dad...and his phone bill! I did brutalize it with his first subscription to Prodigy, too.

The changes since have been mind-blowing, and thrilling. And I'm looking forward to seeing all that's to come!