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Computer Science

I have explored computers deeply, I guess. I have studied Unix, FORTRAN, COBOL, and C. Just as importantly, I know what all this stuff is, which makes me a bit geeky. However, it was never my passion. All the way back in junior high, when I made a great deal of noise about wanting to work for NASA and build robots, I would read Plato, Campbell, ''The Beother's Karamatsov'', ''The Scarlett Letter'', ''The Red Badge Of Courage'', and such. Geeky, perhaps, but not of the same venue. Only rarely, and with effort, did I read sciencey text.

My main passions, as defined by what I love to read in my free-time. Would be poetry and History. My interest in Computer Science, et al, is much more linked to power and, more recently, money. A desire to prove people wrong about me, to prove my intelligence also drove this, and it's lingered way too long as a psychological subtext.