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Short Celtic Christianity Rant « haligweorc

Short Celtic Christianity Rant « haligweorc
Reading Derek's post at Haligweorc, I'm deeply struck by my ignorance on the Celtic faith. I've been an Celtophile for many years, but have not had the opportunity to delve quite a deeply as I would like. Particularly, the works of Pelagius. I'm familiar with the critical debate between Pelagius and St. Augustine, but haven't gone further than the summation. I know of Columcille, Patrick, and many others. In other words, I have breadth but lack depth. Perhaps the dearest irony is reading this while listening to

Continuing the spiritual theme, I just finished reading Francis S. Collins "The Language Of God". Dr. Collins presents a compelling argument for the coexistence of faith and science. I found the book interesting and well written, and well beyond the scope of my scientific knowledge. Here's one review of a dissenter, Sam Harris. However, Harris' derision of everything spiritual and contemptuously arrogant tone detract from his argument. In the end, whatever merits Harris might have are offset by his rhetoric. A much better written, one is Gert Korthof. Mr. Korthof offers and much more detailed and rationale critique of the work. (I cite Mr. Harris since it's the first critique listed when the book is Googled).

Both thoughts point out to me core intellectual weaknesses of mine. I lack depth in both science as well as theology. Limited by time and energy, I will need to limit my studies and accept a level of ignorance on other subjects. This I do with sadness.