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Big Brother's Roving Red Eye

Watch out, you're being watched


As I develop more interest in security and its underlying systems, this story is both fascinating and disturbing. It boggles my mind that Homeland Security is monitoring random spots on the main freeway (north-south) through Washington (I5), and that they’re sensitive enough to detect radiation from a cat undergoing cancer treatment. I worry about the tighter net we cast, and, even more so, the underlying fear. Will we sell the soul of our society in a vain attempt to mollify our terror of terrorists? The thought that we’d, rather willingly, thrust ourselves into a Stalinist state rooted in distrust deeply saddens me.


troutbirder said…
Yes indeed your correct. The present group in charge doesn't have a clue. They stir up more and more fear to give them the opportunity to increase their power. The danger is real, but nothing like the days when we "ducked and covered" under our school desks in case of Soviet nuclear attack.

Beyond all this is the sheer wastefullness and incompetence of the entire "security" operation. They don't know what to defend or how to defend it. Terrorist cats?
In my city Homeland Security provided money for fifty defibrilators for our First Responders. Something nice to be able to afford but really is this a protection against terrorist attack? Did I read that Orville Redenbachers was identified as a priority target in Indiana? These people don't have a clue.