Saturday, April 26, 2008

Banana Splits - I Love Being a Boy

Thanks to Casetta for the video. Oh, the Banana Splits, and other the other cheesy kid's shows of the 1970's. 'Twas a much simpler time, I guess. Or dumber, I'm not really sure.


Aaron Burkhalter said...


I gotta say Carl, I look back on things like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers with nostalgia, and a little bit of pride.

I mean, who could feel any ill will toward Super Grover? Only someone about to get their butt kicked by Super Grover.

Anyway, you should put a warning on this post in case anyone is tripping on acid when they push play. This crap will induce nightmarish effects.

Carl said...


Looking at your profile picture, I'd hazard a guess that you had the tripping effect.

Aaron Burkhalter said...

You're not the first to make the comment... I guess it wouldn't help my case to explain that it's a photo I took at the Eugene Saturday Market would it?

I was rather proud of the photo actually...