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Saturday Morning

Up before light, but not early, oddly enough, so I cracked my laptop and read. I was rapt with the notice that today’s For Better or For Worse was the last new one. It was beautiful, and as graceful an exit as one could wish for. I then spent a good chunk of time reading Anthony’s bio on the website. That’s a well done piece. I felt amazingly attached to this fictional character. He was well crafted, indeed. I do wonder if there is a heaven for ideas. That we will have a chance to meet with these characters we love in the afterlife. I can think of many story-lines that I wanted to see the rest of. How many people, both fictional and historical have I wanted to do a Vulcan-Mind-Meld and fully, deeply know and understand?

I think that is something that many of us hope for upon our demise, that our questions will be answered, that we will see the entire story. Of course, many of us dread the same. Perhaps, though, that is the ultimate connection; to know each other’s details, all of them. Including those nasty, ugly things we keep buried deep within us. Those things about us we dread, but learn that, upon their revelation, only make us more connected, and those around us love us more.


I grew up watching Elizabeth grow up. We've been pretty close in age and situation our whole lives, so I'm sad to see it go away.

It's very weird for me, because it's really been a comic around as long as I can remember. My family was so into it in Oklahoma that when the local newspapers refused to print comics about Michael's neighborhood friend coming out of the closet, we had my grandma and grandpa in Seattle photocopy them and mail them to us.

Anyway... it will indeed be missed. But did you notice they're restarting the story again with some revamps?
Carl said…
I did notice that, and look forward to seeing what Lynn does.