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Monday Rambles From A Snowed In Sickee

I’ve been lame of late. The last piece of literature I read was Bukowski. Lately, I’ve been down with the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. Oddly, what’s really pulled me this way has been the prevalence of economics in the news. And not just these past few months, though the current state of things certainly compels me to know more. Actually, that thing within me pulling my interests is poverty; rather, thinking of ways to eliminate it. I see a need to understand the “system” in a deeper way. With that, I think it’s also good to know the system that I live in, whether I wish to rescue others or just avoid becoming a victim of my ignorance.

Be that as it may, I’m starting to get a bit twitchy. Time to read something broader. Got the latest Parabola Magazine, which should broaden my gaze enough for now.

This does bring me to one of my life’s great challenges. My range of interests are ridiculous. Trying to find some way to focus has been crazy. I’ve been working with Steven Covey’s stuff, along with some other guides, and trying to get my, uh, “stuff” together and build a more careerish career. We’ll see what that brings.