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Bus Crash Video

I came across this video at The World According To Chuck. It's a bit disturbing when you consider the damage done in this accident. I'm not sure why this bus doesn't even slow down, whether inattention, a medical issue with the driver, or an equipment malfunction. It is a reminder, though, of the incredible power our vehicles harbor. I've long felt that people who drive while applying make-up, texting, reading, ad naseum, fail to respect the power of their cars. Distracted by their inflated id, I presume.


supreme nothing said…
Good grief, I'm not even there and that video scares the crap out of me!

At my job, I sometimes have to print car accident reports for the university nearby. Naturally I can't help but read them sometimes.

The worst are the ones that happen where one car is doing absolutely nothing wrong and comes into contact with someone else who has failed to take what they're doing seriously. Every time I read one of those, I drive a little slower that day....