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Career? Pain in the Rear?

Still wondering about my career next steps. I've been an admin so long, it's hard to envision some other role. I like to picture myself in some creative function, whether writer, web designer, or such. Yet I wonder whether I'm gifted creatively. Am I pursuing something I have no talent in?

When I consider what people tell me I'm gifted at, it isn't art. I'm a talented organizer, manager, even a good analyst. There is so very much more to learn to be excellent in those roles.

Perhaps these views are due to limited exposure of my creative efforts? I don't show my work much. I'm a bit self-concious, still. Perhaps a residual of my suburban upbringing? Maybe that should be a focus of mine in the near-term?

As my contract at Microsoft creeps upon it's end date, these discussions take on an added urgency. Yet answers aren't easily forthcoming.