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A Mac Guy Grumps About Apple

I'm a Mac guy. This was typed on a Macbook Pro, which is my second Macbook. Before that was an iBook, and before that was a Powerbook. And (yes, AND...) before that was, well, another Powerbook. And that's just my laptops. I've owned a Mac LC, iMac, eMac and a Mini. I just upgraded my iPhone from the 3gs to the 4s. I've been using .Mac since it was free, upgraded to MobileMe and now am on iCloud.

So, that said, I've been annoyed with iCloud. My main beef has been with calendaring. My wife and I use invites to keep track of each our commitments. Once I upgraded to iCloud, my invites to my wife stopped going through. For us, that's a huge minus. Fortunately, Apple has resolved this. But big problem. But this break down reflects poor execution.

Part ii of my MobileMe/iCloud beef is with the website. The web tool for this, well, stinks. It's slow and clunky. If any Apple hardware had the same design "afterthought" effect, it would be scrapped. Comparing Gmail with iCloud really reflects this. Gmail is world class and way, WAY outdoes iCloud.

Thanks for accepting my brief rant. I still love Apple stuff. What I want is for Apple to point their energies towards iCloud and make it a world-class product that it should be.

So, you an Apple fan bothered by their webtools? What would you like to see done? Or is Gmail so superior that I'm an idiot for sticking with iCloud? Add a comment, let me know.