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Skype Birthday Issue

My started with a few chums wishing me a happy birthday. Problem? It's not my birthday (October, if you care). Turns out, my Skype profile was displaying today is my day of happiness and aging acknowledgment.

My profile in Skype was right. So, after a brief, and fruitless, web search, it finally occurred to me, "check the website". Sure enough, my profile at was pretty weirdly messed up. My full name appeared in my First Name spot, my picture was gone, and my birthday was today. Oddly, I made the edits, clicked save, then pinged a friend to see if they'd taken. Nope. Then I tried the slow approach. Changed the profile pic. Saved. Clicked out, then back into my profile. Edit. Change Name. Out. Then back. Change birthday. Out. Back. I've logged out, then back in. The changes seem to be holding. We'll see.

My theory is something got mucked up during the port over the Microsoft. Perhaps with the interconnection with my Hotmail account. Or, well, who knows. Just, hopefully, it's fixed.

Technology makes your life better...when it works.