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Why I love Twitter

Been thinking about the mighty Twitter. Why do I like it so much, yet others I know hate the platform? One key thought: chaos. For me, the beauty of Twitter is it's chaos. This manic, crazily shifting feed of information delights me. Yet I understand how this could be a hard style for others.

I specifically, deliberately follow smart and creative people without millions of followers. The people I follow will grab anything a celebrity would say (that's interesting) early enough for me to still be in the front of the thought curve. I value unique thinking over most anything else.

Twitter is more global. Maybe it's my follower curation, but my list does a great job of giving me a global view, more so than I'd ever see reading a US based news org.

If I need order, I have Google or Bing. And Facebook gives me a good look into the macro interests of our culture. Twitter trend to be where I see the cutting edge thinking, the leading stories. And I love that.