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Hope for a broken world

Shows today about priest rapists, about brutality in Egypt, North Korea, about myriad acts of horror all over the globe. I'm left to wonder if humanity can be redeemed? Can we stop this cycle of evil? I'm laden with doubt.

Yet, within me, a kernel of hope. I see the words of journalists attempting to bring attention, to garner global pressure. There are the activists, often risking their lives, both in responding to the human need as well as to work against the monstrosity. Then there's the rising voice of public outrage, if for only a brief time. So much evil, so limited our ability to look. So easy to return our gaze to the pretty.

I, too, become worn by continual viewing of the worst humanity has to offer. Yet I hope, somehow, by continuing to care, the world might change, if ever so slightly. And perhaps, someday, humanity's tendency to brutalize each other will finally be put to rest.