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Is Elon Musk The Automotive Market's Steve Jobs?

I heard a great deal about Mr. Musk today, what with all the buzz about The Big D. A few thoughts really strike me:

  1. When was the last time that an automotive announcement created such buzz? 
  2. How many CEOs (in any industry) can say, publicly, that they're colonizing Mars and not be laughed off the internet?
Both of these got me thinking about Mr. Musk, the leader. Clearly, the greater world is invigorated by his style. He generates "buzz", and gets people talking. And audiences wait, eagerly, to eat up his words. 

Additionally, he inspires confidence, to the point that disbelief is suspended. Outlandish claims, dreams, aspirations are considered with a level of seriousness I've not seen since Mr. Jobs. And this delights me. People inspired, innovation held up as wonderful; these are great things for us, for our culture. Things that bring our gaze upwards, cause us to think bigger are critical. Birthing happiness within me.