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Today's Online Real Estate Business

We agents have been getting blasted with information about the big online sites: Zillow, Trulia and, mainly. It's really ready to get caught up in the dialog. These sites are charging how people relate to real estate. But they're but likely to change the relationship with agents. People still value the one-one connection.

The changes seem to be more about information, and it's accuracy and timeliness. Zillow, et al, are not perfect, and that's the opportunity for agents. But we have to be in our game, know the current market, what's influencing it. It's also good to know what Zillow and such say, do we can be better able to engage and educate.

So, no threats to us agents. Unless we aren't willing to stay current, keep our knowledge fresh. And, perhaps, if that's your mindset, failure should not be unexpected. I'm not sweating it, nor is my team.