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Some thoughts on Wil Wheaton, The Internet, Radio Free Burrito and Taylor Swift

I've been a fan of Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito for years. It's hard to conceive he's been putting those things out for a decade. Anyway, today's episode: Radio Free Burrito 43: my next mistake, hits on a few things that I've been thinking about lately.

He talks a bit about Taylor Swift and how crappily she's been treated by the media, and by a certain cadre of the internet. I, too, have been discovering more in her music than I expected. And what made me take a deeper look was the grace and humor she's shown while facing down the trollish brutes. Gotta love and admire anyone like that.

When talking about Pax and the hater-vibe he was feeling, he struck a nerve that's been raw. In geek circles lately, there's this whole "gatekeeper" thing going on. I hate this mentality. Perhaps it’s because I’m an old school geek from back when geekiness lined you up for bullying (at best). When you found ANYONE who shared those interests and passions, you felt delight, a thrill in someone else "getting it". Those geeks I grew up with were a remarkably inclusive crew. Hearing people proclaiming “you’re not geeky enough” is both absurd and infuriating. You're not outcast enough? Really? Of course, I've long felt frustration with those seeking to keep others out, to find some kind of purity. The purity of the experience comes from love, from passion. It's the damn feeling, the joy in something, that makes it wonderful.

Of course, I've long been a proponent of diversity in all things. And I guess here is where I'll stand. Wil is geeky enough, Taylor is too, and I'll bet you are as well. Jeez, folks, lets all go watch Star Wars and get over ourselves.