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The WordPress Beta, Blogger and the Future of Blogging

I'm a bit behind on my reading, so just got done with Om Malik's post from November 23rd:
I'm excited by what WordPress incorporated. Things like streamlined viewing, being able to view stats for multiple sites in one window, the stand-alone app, and the increased speed. All in all, WordPress takes blogging seriously and has an eye towards the future.

Over the years, WordPress earned my admiration and respect. I've come to actually love the platform. When first striking out with blogging, my ended up choosing Blogger. For many reasons I felt it was the time. The one thing I didn't anticipate on: Google's acquisition. When that happened, though, I was rather excited. Google has an amazing array of resources and tons of the smartest people on earth. However, as Om noted earlier, Google doesn't get social. Google+'s lack of vigor demonstrates this quite well. (I can also add the coexistence of Google+ and Blogger within their eco-system, but I digress.) But, looking at the Blogger platform, it's stale interface, non-open mentality, lack of customizability (in terms of templates and plug-ins...the glorious capacity of plug-ins is brilliant in it's own right), WordPress is in a different century than Blogger. And that disappoints me greatly. I expected so very much more from Google.

I fully expect Google to either combine Blogger with Google+ or just straight out kill Blogger. So, my hope lies with WordPress. I've shifted more of my writing over to my WordPress sites I need to be where the future is.