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Defining "Accidental Real Estate Agent"

I've been calling myself an accidental real estate agent for quite awhile. It's well past time to explain what I mean.

Most real estate agents I've met made a deliberate choice to enter this field. For many, it was money. Others I know are in this for the flexible hours, to be their own boss, and so forth. The specifics are less important though. They made a deliberate choice. Very few people in the industry stumble in.

Just over five years ago, after a firey end to my last stint at Microsoft (if you want to hear the story, let's meet for coffee sometime), and I was burned out on the Fortune 500. My focus for the ensuing job search was Snohomish county. I stumbled upon a Craigslist ad for an office manager and was hired.

A few months in I got my license and things changed a bit further. Now I've coordinated sales for hundreds of transactions, created marketing for even more, and developed great relationships with amazing, dedicated and talented folks. My career ride to this point has been lots of fun.

It's really a fascinating industry. We move people into their HOMES! Really, how amazing is that! It's where lives are lived, kids raised, and where most people capture their wealth. It's one of the most stressful events in anyone's life. And influential. And we agents are right there, lowering stress and making lives better. It's very satisfying, indeed.

Things are changing for me more as the business evolves. But I'm still here for you, and to answer your questions! Drop a comment and let me know.