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Reflecting on "Career"

My career has been rather unique. At least when compared to so many of my friends.

It's been terribly linear. I've orbited around administrative/secretarial/office manager stuff. Orbited, and sometimes even held those titles.

But it's not been a deliberate effort.

Mostly, my employment has centered around taking advantage of opportunities. I generally consider the growth and development opportunities, long-term viability, and all that sort of stuff. Ironically, once I tend to be in a role, I generally settle in. Not sure that's the best way to live, but that's what tends to happen.

The universe rarely lets that happen.

My main element of deliberation: family. That's what's been important to me. Now, both at Starbucks and at Microsoft, I didn't see how deeply that was. When I left Microsoft and decided I wanted to focus on eliminating my commute. I concentrated on Snohomish County, and was interviewing with Boeing before I was hired with C&K Real Estate as their office manager.

My son has called for me when he's really hurt, or upset, for his whole life. I'm the nurturer in the family. I adore this part of my life and glad it manifested this way.

Yet that's not average...not for a guy.

FYI, I'm good with, I'm great with that. Though I'm starting to consider what I'll do with my life when my son doesn't need me as much, or for so much.

It'll be fascinating to see what comes of all this. It's hard to map it out...ok,actually, impossible to map out. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just now getting that, and embracing it.

Now, that's a good thing.

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