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Rep. Jefferson

Diversity Inc. has an interesting piece on the embattled Rep. Jefferson. I’m not surprised that some folks are calling for his resignation, and that some are holding their tongue. The statement that “the Congressional Black Caucus is asking that Jefferson not be tried in the ‘chambers of public opinion’ after supporting the House vote” is what grabs me, though. I, too, would like for this machine to remain silent until due-process has been rendered. However, the chamber of public opinion is brutal, relentless and merciless. Unless he can be proven innocent, he will be ground by this machine, and probably so even with irrefutable proof. Such is the nature of this. If he’s innocent, I wish him the best of luck facing this. If he’s not, he would do well by all parties (especially himself) to resign. Only he knows the full truth, and he would be wise to act on that.