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The past few weeks has been one of serious self-evaluation. Though I liked my last position, I suffered from a lingering sense of "blah". I've been trying to figure out what I've wanted to do in order to grow. Getting laid off provides a crucial moment to dive into this self-assessment. Besides the time (which hasn't been as present as I hoped) to do so, there also is the element of necessity. Knowing that I need to find another job, and wanting to ensure that whatever I land next is something with more satisfaction, has compelled me to be deliberate.

So, after all this, I'm thinking of diving into the "communications" space. Particularly, I hope to blend my love of writing with tech and blogs. We'll see what comes of it. I have seen some companies searching for folks with this background.

With all this, I've had several tools recommended to me. Particularly, LinkedIn, Jobster and Indeed. I'm just starting my dive into these sites, so I'll keep you abreast of my learnings. I can tell you that I've found Jobster very interesting, at least as far as the jobs it's presented.

One last idea that I'm coming to terms with is this notion of "Me, inc". Basically, I need to look at my career in terms of, well, myself. My attachment to a company needs to be conditional.  I guess another way to look at this is to think of myself as a contractor. As you can see, I'm just developing this notion. Expect me to flesh this out more soon.


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