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Saturday Thoughts

Perhaps you would think that being unemployed leaves me with heaps of free-time. You would be mistaken. My days are extremely full. And I was filled with all kinds of ideas, like being able to catch up on my reading, maybe even digesting the daily paper. Ha! I have been mildly frustrated by this, but no more. Fortunately, I do a good job of keeping track of my time, so I don't end up wondering where the day went.

I love mornings like this, though, where everyone else is still tucked safely away in bed and I'm able to enjoy quiet. Now, if you excuse me, I'm diving back into Scoble & Israel's "Naked Conversations", which has been long on my "to read" list. Getting some good insights into blogging's potential, even though the book was published back in 2006. Much of their basic premise, though, I've long agreed with. These notions of transparency and anti-marketing/anti-hype, in particular. I've long believed that our ability to filter this stuff has grown, and that the most prevalent response to most marketing is simple annoyance. Or, perhaps, extreme annoyance. Anyway, the long-term affects are this general sense of distrust of "business". And so many executives are surprised by this tendency to assume the worst of any company in the news.

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