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A Song That Launched A Thousand Memes

The young and effervescent Carly Rae Jepsen's cute toon, "Call Me Maybe" has been causing great delight within the interwebs. This PR firm in Jersey was featured on HuffPo, and my attention was caught.

But then I found SMU's Womens' Crew Team...

Which is apparently a reply to Harvard's Baseball Team's video...

It's going a bit crazy on the YouTube...

And (yes, 'and'...and my last bit here...), my chums at Vista Print have a "business" card you can hand out.

I get a kick out of how a simple little song can inspire such a wave of creativity. Shows you another power of the internet!

So, to close this out, here's the original tune...enjoy!

(Hey, if this inspires you to craft something...leave me a note in the comments...)