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Some additional thoughts on tablets...what about Microsoft?

This week's news about the Kindle updates has me wondering about MSFT. Something not talked about much, but strikes me as critical:  Amazon's line-up and array of price-points. Allow people of "lesser means" get into this ecosystem. People will iterate up.

Google Android and Kindle understand this. Get us in, get us great content (which we happily (?) buy), let folks iteratively (I guess that is a word) upgrade; long-term, sustainable growth. Looking back at Microsoft, I worry they won't get this. They didn't with the Zune. Every Zune came with premium pricing. Perhaps now with tablets?

Plenty of MSFT devices are coming down the pike (here's a big run-down of different MSFT Windows 8 tablets & the Surface) and that gives me some hope. Right now, though, there are several Android-eque tablets out there for < $100...(really) and even more for < $200. Without something in this price range, I worry that MSFT will not even be close to relevant.

Well, reckoning time comes soon. Apple's announcement next week might well add to this. Answers arrive soon, ready or not.